In the end of 2007 Mucks and Bam started jaming together with their guitars. This time Mucks started teaching Bam the MAGIC of playing a guitar. At the beginning of 2008 Hackl, Mucks and Bam started jaming in the rehearsal room which is already the same as it was. With the first bandname "stabm33", was born the first song. Nearly a half year and few jam sessions later they made the second song, which gets the fabulous name : "the second" . After "the second" the band changed the name: "-FTM-" was born. 2009 Mucks made a travel around the world and the band had a brake. 2010 after the return of Mucks, 4 new songs were made. With the first gig, -FTM- figured out that they have 2 guitars, 1 drummer but no bass. After a few trys of more or less talented bass players, they found the right one in form of Dirty Harry. At the end of august 2010 -FTM- had his first gig. After that, they started to concentrate on the left songs to accomplish them. November 2009: -Ftm- started the recording of their first record: "The FAT F**KING DONUT".


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